Thanks to the hard work of our NHS staff and a quick vaccination rollout UK is finally starting to head towards some sort of normality after the Covid-19 pandemic with many businesses and attractions starting to open their doors to the public again. There are many attractions for you to visit in Beaconsfield and we will be more than happy to take you there. We have also provided a list of events in and around Beaconsfield below, please click on the event which interests you to view more details about the event.

Please be safe at all times, wear a face mask, wash or sanitise your hands regularly and try to maintain a social distance when out and about.

Getting Out And About

Beaconsfield Taxi Services have an extensive fleet of various size vehicles to accommodate any number of people you may have traveling together to and from or in and around Beaconsfield All the drivers have excellent knowledge of the local area and the places to visit along with the city of London.